5 good reasons to get into a relationship with an athlete | Part 1

You have a handsome athlete in your skin and in front of his soft eyes and pretty muscles, you melt like snow in the sun. In short, you have completely cracked. The only problem: you are not athletic for a penny and you wonder if it is really serious to throw yourself headlong into this relationship that promises to be … folkloric to say the least. So you wouldn’t say no to be reassured a little (which frankly won’t be the case in the following lines, but shhh, it’s a secret). Also, we have concocted for you an anthology of good reasons to succumb to the charm of this athlete, and a small glimpse of what your life will be like by his side. Go!

PS: In case you haven’t made the reconciliation yet: see that heavy-handed friend who still wants to play Cupid? Yes, that’s us.

1. You will (finally) eat healthily

Are you not (yet) a fan of healthy and balanced meals, and other oddities from the garden? Get ready to (re) discover your plate and whet your taste buds . Your athlete is indeed a true chef, asking only to give you a taste of his culinary lifestyle. It must be said that food occupies an important place in his daily life, so, if you have a good fork, rest assured, you will be served (and may even ask for more)!

2. You will sleep like a baby

And yes, sport, in addition to whetting your appetite, is tiring! You’d expected all the good reasons to love it except this one, and yet, you might as well say goodbye to your daily TV night (at least, in part). Yes, because your athlete will always claim, full of good will, that he or she can easily last the duration of an episode of your favorite series … Don’t believe a word of it! 10 minutes in front of a screen (and 2 when there are subtitles), and there it is already stinging. So be ready to get back to a well-regulated biological clock! At 10 p.m., it’s a wee and bedtime. Good night everyone!

3. Your lover will always be beautiful as beautiful as a heart (in addition to being the most beautiful)!

The advantage of falling in love with an athlete is to be sure that you will be able to enjoy his incomparable beauty for a long time: slender muscles (and lubricated in your craziest ones), youth, over which time can not affect but to improve its holder , beautiful summer colors on the cheekbones and a bike tan that you (oh big) never thought you would find sexy. However, envious looks shouldn’t make you feel jealous. Remember, YOU are your athlete’s choice. So, when others devour their eyes, you can proudly grab his hand and smile with your most beautiful smile, the one that in silence, but still sings in all your lungs: “c’est le · a mien · ne, nananananèreuuuh “.

4. A lot of travel and inappropriate sports holidays are yours!

If only you knew all the adventures that await you! Marathons in Paris, New York, Barcelona, ​​via Athens … Walking with an athlete means traveling ANYWHERE. Didn’t you believe that he would leave without taking you in the suitcase? You are an integral part of the sports package, you are REQUIRED . Who do you think will have to cheer him up? Well, yes, it’s Bibi.

And not to mention traveling to the other side of the world, you will discover a country, even a local one! Who would have thought that one day you would go to De Sauvisson-sur-Sèvres for a weekend? No one. None. In fact, this is so: no matter how you swear by all the gods, absolutely no one believes in the existence of this village when you mention it. Sapristi! Life with an athlete is definitely not easy!

5. Your vocabulary will become even richer.

“WOD”, “box”, “open”, “PR” and “tabata” are all words and acronyms that mean nothing to you? Gibberish, Chinese, what? Get back to your lessons soon ! And for good reason, this is an almost daily assessment that awaits you after your champion’s training. He must be able to brag about his exploits to those who have them. I really admire! Imagine how much the scene would lose its impact if you had to cut it out at the end of each sentence to ask for a translation. Come on, with a little courage, you will soon become unrivaled on this subject and even be able to decorate your proposals with these elegant touches that you don’t yet understand.And then we are told from other sources in the headset that it almost forces you to combine practice with theory …!

At the very least, life with an athlete is as scary as it makes you dream: P! You are only half convinced, rest assured, the second part of this article will be released soon, and, take our word for it, these 5 other good reasons will convince you to get into a relationship once and for all. with this athlete (if you haven’t already)!

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