“This is not the year I’m going to be fit!”

You are full of goodwill: that certainly cannot be taken away from you. The beautiful words and the lyrical flights that inhabit you when you feel ready to take the plunge into sport are certainly robust … But when it comes to putting them into practice, you cannot , unfortunately, not to say that you are really efficient. Also, you regularly go from inflated to block to just deflated.

Ah, how easy it is to dream of being an accomplished athlete, and how different it is to roll up your sleeves to achieve it, right? Blame it on these excuses which take precedence over your motivation and ultimately reduce it to nothing.

“I don’t have time”

Time is what you use it for … And you are given the opportunity to choose the use you want to make of it! Good news, right? You have, in fact, the ability to give value to time – to your time – by using and organizing it wisely.

In the course of a day, you will always have time to practice sports, even for just twenty minutes. And if you can’t find these, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities. Seriously, can’t you wake up twenty minutes early? To draw within twenty minutes out of the forty you spend on your sofa, watching TV, or absorbed by the screen of your smartphone?

We are aware that you will not like telling you this, because writing these words to you is tantamount to making you question yourself, to upset your comfort and your adored habits. But writing these words to you is also stating in black and white a truth that we too often overlook: we have time. What we don’t always have, however, is envy.

“I’m going to be ridiculous in the room”

Stop. That is enough. Stop projecting the (biased) image you have of yourself into the other’s eyes. The other in question has far more important occupations than waiting wisely for you to point your nose at the gym so that you can watch yourself and laugh at yourself. The other in question is keen to make good use of his precious time, especially in the gym. The other one in question knows what he / she is here for, and it’s certainly not to be laughing at you.

It’s a paradox, though, how we often feel that we are insignificant, and yet we believe we are the center of attention, right? Especially when we know that the one and only thing that should matter to us is our personal happiness.

So don’t let those nasty thoughts lead you to believe that you are not worthy to go and train where others train, where you want to go. Everyone has started sport one day: between athletes, benevolence is essential. Always.

“And anyway, the gyms are closed!”

In view of the two excuses stated above, can we dare to ask you if this third excuse would not suit you in the end? A ready-made excuse, beyond your control, served on a platter, behind which you can hide, and after which you can bitch. How convenient!

On the one hand, it’s true, you’re right, the facts are there: 2020 is not the year of indoor sport. But should 2020 not be the year of sport at all?

Sports halls are our headquarters, our rallying points, where everything happens. Yet as we convince ourselves that sport lives in these precise places, we forget that sport burns within us. We are the home of sport. Recommended for athletes turinabol kaufen. Also, this year, and to prepare for the future, we will have to innovate and put sport in its rightful place: in us. Knowing how to practice alone is not what there is more simple, nor more fun, we grant it to you. However, in addition to allowing us to progress mentally, practicing alone also teaches us to savor more the fact of being able to find ourselves together!

Rest assured, it is not a lawsuit that we are bringing you across these lines. Far from there. We just want you to face yourself, face the reality of your abilities. Because you may find all the good excuses in the world for not being where you would like to be, these excuses remain what they are: excuses. Words behind which you hide, and which you convince yourself that they are legitimate. It’s sad. Because excuses are as practical as they are dramatic: by repeating them to yourself, you will come to believe them. Using it over and over again, you go from disappointment to disappointment. Worse: you are disappointed.

So, of course, it is much easier not to rush forward fearing defeat, rather than to move, sweat, and progress … But who said that we want ease, when the effort, him, tastes good? A delicious taste of #Yummy satisfaction.

Don’t run away, reveal yourself!

And you, what is the false excuse that you give yourself for not doing / getting into sport, and in which you will never believe again?

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