Holding back your farts? It’s not good for your health!

Today, we’ve chosen to tackle THE ultimate glamor theme: farts! Indeed, if the subject is taboo and we are accustomed to avoid bringing it up in society, we are nonetheless all concerned (and to assert the contrary, would be a big lie).

Each of us farts an average of 14 times a day (and yes, all that!), which represents between 0.5 and 2 liters of gas. Moreover, the the purpose of a fart is to be evacuated … Even if the latter rarely points the tip of its nose at an opportune moment! And to say the least, it is indeed during the events least conducive to this that the urgency is generally felt most: business meetings, dinners out, etc. So, even if refraining from farting in these situations is completely understandable, even normal, it is nevertheless not good for our health! Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ? We tell you all about this largely googlized subject … And not very assumed!

How are our farts made?

That’s a smart question that we don’t ask enough and many people don’t have the answer to!

First of all, as you know, the food you eat is digested, this is called the digestion process. This digested food then forms stool, which is then passed through the anus. However, some of the food you eat is not digested: it breaks down on contact with bacteria in the digestive tract. It is therefore the decomposition of undigested food initiated by bacteria that produces the gases to which we are subject.

This explains the fact that eating in large quantities makes you fart, or that certain foods make gas more abundant than others (especially when they are poorly tolerated by a person), the latter cannot be digested in totality.

In addition, some phenomena also make more fart. This is particularly the case with aerophagia (literally meaning “to eat air”). The thing referring to the fact that a person swallows air when eating and / or drinking quickly, or that they do not take the time to chew, etc. Aerophagia can then be a source of bloating, burping… And farts!

A time bomb

The pun may be awkward, but it lends itself perfectly to the situation! And for good reason, to hold back our farts too much so that they do not come out, it causes the opposite effect: inevitably, after a while, we can no longer restrain at all and they escape without warning ! Besides creating the greatest discomfort of your life, this situation is also not ideal for your health. Do you doubt it? Dietitian Clare Collins of the University of Newcastle, England, took to the topic to convince us to strategize on farting in peace rather than holding us back. Also, in an article published on the British site The Conversation , the dietician explains that by dint of holding back our farts, we accumulate gas in our digestive system, which creates pressure can cause abdominal distension. You are thus bloated and may have difficulty bending in half, you want to belch (burp), and finally let out the worst … which you wanted to avoid at all costs: an uncontrollable fart!

Clare Collins, although she admits that the evidence is lacking on this, hypothesizes that a buildup of gas can also cause diverticulosis, an asymptomatic pathology denoting the presence of diverticula (small pockets) in the colon. The latter can be the cause of more severe complications such as intestinal obstruction, or an abscess, among others. So don’t take any risks, fart when you feel like it!

How to fart in society?

Flatulate while alone? Nothing easier ! But flatulate when there are people around us? In other words, it is an impossible mission!

So, because you miss a single fart and everything is depopulated (Lamartine would certainly not appreciate this diversion), we have thought of some tips that can help you relieve yourself in all discretion … First of all, try the toilets: a quiet place conducive to this. For more privacy, flush the toilet at the same time you emit THE sound, the focus of our attention today. Another technique, if there is noise, go to a somewhat isolated location, in the corner of the room. Remember to get out quickly in case the smell is in order, and so the source (in other words, you) cannot be identified. Finally, if you’re around people you feel comfortable with, why not break the ice even more by farting (on purpose or not) for everyone to see? And yes, at worst, you might as well laugh about it, right?

You may never publicly assume that you have read and / or liked this article, but at least you will certainly have learned some things … Particularly that farting shouldn’t be synonymous with guilt. And to those who will criticize you for letting your body speak out, you have a good excuse to give them: “It’s good for you!”.

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